Brand ambassadors are a form of guerilla marketing which can directly engage and raise awareness of your demographic through personalized outreach online and offline.

STREET TEAM , OFFLINE APPROACH: Our experienced and sociable street team members are available for sampling, photo kiosks, marketing collateral distribution at intersections, retail areas, trade shows, festival, concerts and sporting events. 

SOCIAL INFLUENCER, ONLINE APPROACH: Qualified and articulate social influencers interact directly with your specific audience, sharing content on social media and inviting followers to brand events and fan pages.


  • Swiftly penetrate target high traffic locations and events with multiple-pronged distribution
  • Acheive optimum online reach with social influencers who share similar follower demographic
  • Higher engagement online and offline with candid approach
  • Add SMS Texting, QR Code Integration or social media component to enhance the consumers experience