ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, Season 10

Hydro Projection Marketing

You literally saw people stop in their tracks and whip out camera phones!” ~Darren Schillace, ABC’s Entertainment VP of Marketing Strategy.

Objective: ABC is interested in utilizing the Grove shopping center in Los Angeles for outdoor projections.

Solution: Turn the Grove fountain into a hydro projection show within a four day turnaround including: negotiation of license agreement, production contract, equipment installation and creative design editing.

Result: “Stars” premiered to its biggest ever audience 24.2 million.

“I worked with Richard McDermott to host ABC’s Dancing with the Stars’ light show in The Grove’s fountain for one week in March of 2010. It was clear from the beginning that Richard would spare no expense to make sure that both ABC and my property were happy with the execution. The show drew crowds of up to 100 each time it ran. Guests were gathering to watch a commercial! ABC was extremely happy with the results and we were proud to host it. I look forward to working with ON Media in the future.”  ~Erin Scanlon, Director of Partnership Marketing – Caruso Affiliated